Solutions | Positive | Transparent

Seeing my resolution…Every. Darn. Day.

I began 2021 and have been adhering to a three part approach to life and work.

First, I will be Solutions-Oriented. There is not a problem without a solution. Further, there are usually more than two options to go with. Don’t assume the first or most obvious solution is the right answer.

Second, I will be Positive. There is enough negativity and derision in this world. There is always something to be thankful for. Find it and stay positive.

Third, I will be Transparent. This works in two ways. First, if I don’t understand, I will seek to do so. Second, I will ensure I am understood.

I’ve never made resolutions before, but this one has been easy to stick to. And, ultimately, pretty darn obvious. To the point that it seems it has always been there in how I approach life and work, but just needed to be said out loud to keep myself honest and committed. Oh, yeah…that’s why you make resolutions!

Kidding aside, if you are thinking there is something complex to setting and sticking to an approach – a resolution if you like – to life and work, take it from this former skeptic that some time of contemplation and a focus on what values you hold closest is all that is required.

And then write it down someplace that you see everyday, preferably multiple times per day.

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