About Jerry

I’ll be using this blog to pontificate, prognosticate and prattle on about ideas and concepts that strike me as interesting or that I want to explore a bit through writing to help me make sense of them or just to share. I have tried over the years to harness this into a particular, limited scope of interests or topics, but I find I lose interest or get too critical in tone within a smaller scope of topics. So I’ll keep it broad. And may still be critical at times.

Professionally, I’ll write about topics like leadership, communications, operational excellence, organizational effectiveness, marketing, and media. Personally, topics will most likely include music, sports, fatherhood, current events and history. I have a feeling nostalgia will rear it’s head in some of these personal pieces. I’ll do my best to cover it up with self-deprecating humor, sudden turns in topic and/or non-mean-spirited sarcasm.

I am a husband to the love of my life and best friend, father of two (three if you count the dog), brother to three, uncle, nephew and cousin to many. I am an engaged mentor, colleague and friend with those I’m working and see consistently, and just awful at staying in touch with those I no longer see everyday. That last bit I really do try to work on with various levels of success. My only defense is this – I get myself wrapped up in spending as much time and energy as possible with my wife and children. I do not intend to be incommunicado, stand-offish or just plain rude. I will get better!

And, of course, you absolutely must know that I fess up to all the views and opinions shared here. In no way should my personal views and opinions shared on this site be projected onto, assumed to be written on behalf of, or representative of views or opinions of any person, any company or any entity that is employing or ever has employed me – unless explicitly stated and/or for some reason they agreed to allow me to write it here (which seems unlikely). My wife and children don’t always agree with me either and would, by and large, prefer I leave them out of this.

If you’re not sure exactly how you got here or who I am, or if you already know me but have no idea what I’ve been up to, feel free to go to the social network of your choice and find me. I may or may not be there. I may or may not have posted anything recently. I’m going to make you earn it…no links to profiles here.

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