About Jerry

Hi, I’m Jerry.  I’m a Marketing and Communications Strategist with over 20 years of experience. Currently, I’m Vice President of Marketing at Ranch Hand. Feel free to look up my professional background on LinkedIn and for a more in depth background of the path I’ve taken in my career and why, you can read this post.

I’ll be using this blog to pontificate, prognosticate and prattle on about media, communications, marketing, organizational effectiveness and leadership mainly. But I’m sure music, politics, sports and fatherhood will weave into this.

I’m a father of two with two dogs and too much loyalty to the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears. I enjoy trying to keep it under 100 while losing as few balls as possible on the golf course, among other simple pleasures in life. I like single malt whisky, hoppy ales, many types of music (but not what is called “country music” these days) and coffee. Lots of coffee.

And, of course, you absolutely must know that I fess up to all the views and opinions shared here. In no way should my personal views and opinions shared on this blog be projected onto, assumed to be written on behalf of, or representative of views or opinions of any person, any company or any entity that is employing or ever has employed me. My wife doesn’t always agree with me either.

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