Career Pivot

Kentucky - Barrels & Amps, Georgetown, TXPhoto: Barrels & Amps in Georgetown, TX

Back in September of last year, I began as Plant Manager at Framebridge in Richmond, KY. I run the day-to-day production operations as well as planning and implementation for the production operations’ organizational development. For me, this was an opportunity I could not pass up. It allows me to work directly for and with someone in which I have utmost respect and trust, and at a company with aggressive goals that is grounded in a strong vision and core values.

So why the pivot?

Before my role as VP of Marketing at Ranch Hand, I spent four years doing what amounted to business consulting through the lens of Customer Journey work. This showed me the importance in the alignment between Go-to-Market strategy and Operational Excellence. Practically every project demonstrated a qualitative and quantitative need to change the way the business operated based on what Customers want and need.

My time at Ranch Hand allowed me to get directly and deeply engaged in being a part of connecting those two things. In the process, I was able to learn the philosophy, concepts and tools of Lean. Lean has given me a common sense-based tool set to connect previously disparate concepts into workable ideas and actions.

And, thus, a career pivot into Operations occurred.

I’ve always enjoyed creating ways that allow people to work better together. It doesn’t matter if the thing being made is content by a team of creative types, code that empowers bits and bytes of information to flow from and to where it needs to go, components or finished goods that comprise a business-to-business or consumer product, or a custom frame to encase an autographed jersey or some other treasured memory.

While I will grant it can help to have a bit more technical knowledge in some industries and verticals, my years of experience show that a large amount of general curiosity, an interest in helping people succeed, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get in the midst of the work while continually looking for a better way to connect dots can get you where you need to be in most industries pretty quickly.

My background in Marketing, Communications and Media certainly helps in understanding and articulating the value proposition from the perspective of the Customer. Perhaps most importantly, my background taught me the value in the perspective of what I think is the most powerful component of any brand:  the people making the product or creating the experience on behalf of your Customer.


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