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Meta Ruminations

Was reading a review in Paste of 30 Rock Season 2 DVD release. It was crowned a “meta-comedy” or a comedy about comedy. I love the fact that meta-data, or data about data – the stuff that makes things relevant online and more easy to search and find – is cool enough to be used as an adjective to describe something cool in a magazine written by and for cool hipsters (myself excluded). Meta meta meta meta…

So, here begins a list of meta things that came to mind when I started thinking about stuff about stuff, er, data about data…

The first thing that popped into my head was an old column TheOnion ran making fun of Larry King’s randomness. Lots of meta, just not really sure what data is being meta-tized.

If 30 Rock is a meta-comedy, what was Seinfeld – the show about nothing…the end of information? Or the show about everything?

Is anything about anything anymore or is everything really about something else all together?

I either don’t have the time, don’t care, or am not interesting enough to constantly update Facebook and MySpace. Yeah, I’m sure I’m missing out.

I’ve always thought Radiohead was the new Pink Floyd and nothing anyone can say will change my mind. Regardless, that makes that dude who’s married to Gwyneth Paltow’s band a meta-meta band. Sad.

It’s kinda odd that the 72 year old prez candidate keeps referencing Ronald Reagan.

Speaking of 30 Rock, why would Tina Fey talk sh*t about John Stewart? He was meta before she was being not really all that funny on SNL.

Wondering if Sarah Palin is an invention of the Coen Brothers – I see Todd Palin getting up early every morning as she gets out of bed to go to work saying, “Let me make ya some eggs, Mar-gee – er, uh, Sarah.”

Kevin Bacon – pretty sure his middle name is Meta.

Wondering if Tina Fey’s imitation of Sarah Palin is an invetion of the Republican party to truly piss off and solidify the vast majority of middle American mothers who actually connect w/ Palin and think Fey is an elitist bee-yotch. Stay w/ me on this one…Uncanny they look so much alike, doncha think? Perhaps a vast Right Wing Conspiracy to prop SP up as the veep running mate since the Republicans know that TF is such a reactionary comedic genius she just couldn’t resist the opportunity. This is the woman who talked sh*t about John Stewart, after all – and their on the same side. Brilliant!

I’m beginning to think David Sedaris is the new James Thurber.

Toe-may-toh, toe-mah-toe. Pa-kih-stan, pah-ki-stan. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Why is Cliff Claven in every single Pixar movie?

Re: being on the same side yet talking sh*t – HRC laid out pretty much all the arguments against BO’s candidacy yet JM can’t seem to articulate them effectively. I don’t get it.

If The View really wants to be about “the” or “a” or “one” view, why don’t they just get rid of Elizabeth Hasselbeck and stop faking it? Then they can officially change their name to “The View from the Left.”

To that point, why don’t Barbara Walters and Rupert Murdoch just work out a trade – Hasselback for Colmes?

Speaking of The View, why would Whoopi ask the prez candidate from the party who has Abe Lincoln as it’s father if slavery’s going to make a come back? Actually, WTF w/ that question all together? Maybe Sam was possessing her at the time.

Speaking of Abe, I’m thinking he’d be a great 21st century Democrat.

Hmm, little experience in Washington. Very eloquent, yet awkward at times. Outspoken, independent-minded wife. Moved to Illinois and became somewhat of an activist, yet has some questionable rich and powerful friends.

I think I’m onto the Cubs. I’m relatively certain Wrigleyville is the second happiest place on earth after Disney World. It’s surreal. Why else would I willingly drink 10 Old Styles in 3 hours and accept that a long dead billy goat has the power of Tecumseh’s curse?

Oh, and did I mention my daughter’s name is Addison and neither my wife nor I are Grey’s Anatomy fans? Cubs Nation is evil. Somebody sell the team and the whole of Wrigleyville to Mark Cuban.

You know, Ronald Reagan broke Tecumseh’s curse. Maybe that’s why John McCain mentioned him 5 or so time in the first debate.

Do we ever get the actual story anymore or do we just get several tellings of meta stories?

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Feeling a bit cantankerous today, I think I’ll take it out on the music industry

Could be because small breakaway provinces and mutual protection agreements involving Poland tend to lead to world wars, could be because my puppy’s been sick lately, could be the inaneness of the Bears’ “quarterback controversy” has been decided – w/o having a real quarterback.

Regardless, more to the point of the blog, a few things in the media world that are pissing me off right now…

The RIAA took my baby away – Messing w/ Pandora, a truly innovative platform that helps people more fully enjoy music based on the DNA of their preferences is assinine. Of course, this makes sense in light of the fact Pandora is all about discovery, where as the RIAA protects the two dozen artists – and their extended entourages – you can here over the standard airwaves today. Eff the radio anyway; what more does a band or artist need beside YouTube and a nice social media experience. To wit…

Swift Move – Hidden in the fluff of the USAT Life section was this piece about Taylor Swift, who’s new album isn’t coming out for a few months, yet fans are posting videos of themselves singing the song. How did this occur? Because Swift did a segment with a radio station (oh, the irony per the above Pandora rant) awhile back performing the demo of the song. From the article: “Somebody stripped the audio and put it on the Internet,” says Swift, 18. Her management wasn’t thrilled: “I wasn’t allowed to play new music for people after that.” Well, I could see how her management wouldn’t want her upcoming album to have fans literally singing it’s praises before it comes out. Wouldn’t want it to go straight to the top of the charts or anything.

Pasties – Some months, that’s all my fav music magazine, Paste, is good for. This is one of those months. A new look at “International Music”. Wow. So music is international? There are musicians in Africa basing their work on tribal sounds? Experimental noise coming from Scandanavia and Iceland? New wave/punk synthesis coming from England? Regga/ska influenced bands in Brazil? Who knew?

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