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20 years ago – and last month – in Internet anonymity

It seems the New Yorker cartoon from 1993 is indicative of the sort of anonymity some, mostly Gen Y’ers (and whatever the people younger than Gen Y’ers are called) want from their social web experiences.


“The Return of the Anonymous Social Web” tells how some neat-o relatively new social apps are demonstrating a trend for people to want some honesty in their social web experiences not just the shiny, happy versions of ourselves we push on Facebook, etc.  Oh, and to not give all their valuable personal info away…

This seems to support the adage that stuff comes and goes in popularity in 20 year cycles.  I’m sure this is called something academic by someone and I’m pretty sure Babylonians or some ancient civilization had some sort of astronomical or astrological calendar based on 20 year cycles, but this piece in Slate looks at whether the pop culture version of this should be 40, 20 or 12-15 years.

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