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Big Data: Savior or Anti-Christ?

Anybody read any good pieces about big data lately?  Those of us in the marketing/media/advertising complex can’t stumble into a stream of things we should be reading on the industry without being slapped in the face with a headline or two on the topic two or three times an hour or, at least, a day depending on whom or what one prioritizes in one’s stream.

Since coverage of big data is contributing to big data and since I’m but a human who does not have sufficient capacity on hand to process it all, I couldn’t possibly plant links to pertinent articles, but simply will share a couple of themes I picked up from headlines in my stream the past few weeks or so.

The genius, of course, is that if you want to read more about these themes, you will leverage the big data of a search engine with some pieces of the information I’m providing below to find the articles on big data.  I’m helping you learn to cope.  Your welcome.  It’s all just so, well, big and data-y…

The head of one of the agency holding companies said all media markets will operate like digital exchanges sooner than later (I think this was on FT or some other pay-walled situation)

Someone said markets operating on big data are killing creative, while someone else said its making creative better since it’s tied more directly to business metrics – or maybe that was all in the same article (Maybe this was in MediaPost or AdAge)

Another said something about big data actually pointing to a lot of really good “little” ideas that can have “big” impact as long as you know how to mine the big data to find these gems (I think this was on the blog of analyst or consultant or a consultative analyst)

My personal favorite was Cobra Commander’s perspective.

I’m a bit geeky.  I like books about taxonomy and the history of information and how people used stuff before so we can understand or hypothesize how they might use new stuff now and in the future.  I like tinkering around with lots of numbers in spreadsheets so I can uncover an interesting story.  I’m not a 1’s and 0’s kind of geek.  I’m more of a know enough to be dangerous about how the plumbing works such that I can understand how the toilet, sink and shower are in the right places at the right times – even if it may be different than before.  If big data can help that be done, that is fantastic.

What I’m trying really hard not to say but am just going to say anyway is know what it is you want data of any size to do for you, to solve for you, to support for you before you start trying to process it.  Thinking about it that way should help you trim through the noise of the bigness, the veiled and unveiled fear of it, and make it another part of your toolbox of strategic goodness.

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Nielsen says people who use Internet alot watch TV alot; Jerry says welcome to the late 20th century

I recently scolded some former team members of mine about their negative attitude towards people in this industry who are not technically inclined and thus suffer from minute cases of not understanding the digital media world in which we live. I quoted Gandhi. I reminded them this ignorance keeps those of us who are savvy in the digital media world in jobs. I will attempt to practice what I preach. I’m guessing I won’t be terribly successful. I expect a rebuke or two from those who know who they are…

When I saw this headline touted as if it’s new, ground-breaking news, all I can see pulsating in my brain is WTF?!?!?! Though I can’t quite put my finger on when I first saw this type of info reported, I’m relatively certain it was in the late 20th, or very early on 21st century.

Is this news because that holy grail of media measurement Nielsen is releasing this information because, obviously, their media measurement is the quintessential best (sarcasm, folks, pure and simple…how about a little more)? Yeah, that probably is news since, per Gandhi, Nielsen has done the ignore, laugh, fight and is now realizing in order to win (or at least reach parity) they need to change what they’re doing. Glad it took them roughly 10 years from the first time I saw this kind of data reported.

SERENITY NOW! (oh, look at me, quoting from a TV show even though I’m a heavy Internet user…Nielsen is so right…)

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Forget Art vs. Science…It’s Data vs. The World

The July Wired declares The End of Science. We now apparently have enough data and the necessary computing power to predict anything with statistical confidence. Period.

For some reason, I’m not alarmed. Perhaps it’s because I realize that knowing something is one thing, while analyzing and taking correct steps from the knowledge is something else all together.


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