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Review of Suburgatory

Let’s see here. I have watched maybe bits and pieces of 4 episodes of this show so I am surely qualified to write the following in depth analysis of Suburgatory.

Precocious, world-weary, ostracized, street and school smart teenager who is also the narrator – check

Friend of teenager that is straight-laced and plays it by the rules – check

All other high school stereotypes begun in John Hughes films – check

Attractive single parent who is walking tight rope of being a friend or parent driven by guilt of divorce – check

Vain, shallow adult friends and potential love interest of single parent who say and do ridiculous things – check

Ex SNLers part of cast – check

Main missing component – mockumentary segments

Hilarity ensues.

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My Problem with Books about Digital and/or Social Media

I begin to read a book in some way related to digital or social media that seems to have an interesting or new premise and somewhere in the first few pages is a scenario that goes something like this:

Illustrative story about how a person, organization or business has used digital or social media to do amazing new things that it seems no one has ever done.

Now that everyone has everything in a device that fits in the palm of their hand that allows them to know anything they would ever want to or need to know about anything as well as share that unbelievable fount of knowledge along with their thoughts about said knowledge with everyone they know – and based on the illustrative story just shared – [insert ground breaking premise for book here].

And then usually this is followed with some historical reference to the fact that even before everyone had everything they needed in the palm of their hand this is more or less the way things always were – it’s just that now that everyone has everything in the palm of their hands that lets them know everything now and lets them share what they think about everything with all their friends things are faster/different/new/better (in a couple of books, worse) because [insert premise of book here].

And then I usually swear at myself for having bought the book, but rationalize it a bit because I used a device that fit in the palm of my hand to get the book which made it cheaper. So I use that device in the palm of my hand to peruse for a good novel or history book to get faster/differently/newer/better. And there really isn’t a historical reference for this that I can find since I would’ve been out more money or time otherwise.

Hmmm, may be a premise for a book in there.

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