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Additional or replacement social network? Me internalizing Google+

My initial thought on Google+ brought to mind my kids’ favorite cartoon – the evil Dr. Doofenshmertz on Phineas and Ferb.  I need a social media-stream-inator.  Something that will either truly and seamlessly join them all together, or destroy all but one.

After that, I thought perhaps Google+ can bring order to the chaos of my Facebook and Twitter mess.  Circles seem to more effectively allow me to sort out what Twitter’s lists didn’t necessarily do, and put more context around the hodge podge of friends that is my Facebook stream.  But do I want to start over?


Oh, yeah, Percolate can clean up my Twitter stream and let me know what I’m most interested in.  So do I just need to nuke Facebook?


Hmm, but didn’t I say I was going to nuke Facebook and just go Twitter a few years ago?  Or maybe just email lists again with a more true group of friends/colleagues based on true shared interests?


To that point, many shared interests I have with folks are professional.  So what about LinkedIn?  Would an “industry folks” circle suffice and knock another social net out of my life?  Or maybe I just need to BranchOut


Argh, I really do need a social media-stream-inator.


But then I realized I’d made some sort of prediction at the beginning of the year about how we’d be amazed, awestruck, etc. by new stuff, paradigms shifting and whatnot only to realize this is what we always do.


Made me feel a bit better, not as overwhelmed by it all, but, dammit, an effective social network is about scale, right?  So who really are my friends, where are they, and am I using the right social network with the right tools to get the most out of my network?


Now, hold on, I thought.  Is it scale or quality?  I mean email and IM are good, maybe a bit of Beluga and the new Gmail plug in suffice as long as I know what I’m interested in and I know who is interested in the same things…but I could miss something really important, new and/or earth-shattering (God forbid).


Blah.  I need a social media-stream-inator.  Or maybe just a cabin in the woods.


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