People Love Content Not the Infrastructure that Delivers Content

I honestly don't care who may be nearer to right or nearer to wrong in this Fox / Cablevision thing.  Though it is nice to see the chairman of the FCC is a bit ticked by the whole thing through the lens of it's affect on people who'd like to get access to the stuff they're paying for and all.

I will simply put here again what I wrote a couple years ago and then brought back again about a month ago the last time a provider of content and a provider of all the stuff that delivers content were haggling over the stuff they always haggle over…

"New distribution of programming doesn’t run so well under old monetization systems. In the process of improving the infrastructure of media delivery, access providers and media companies did a short-sighted job of determining the value of the shifts in media usage that they caused by improving the infrastructure. They never developed a model that appropriately valued media usage that is more driven by people’s

schedules of desired use via two way cables than their schedules of distribution through one way cables.

So they are left to squabble over which antiquated levers and buttons they can pull and push to make a buck, ultimately, at the expense – in terms of money and, perhaps more importantly, time and convenience – of their most valuable assets: people who pay for access and are fans of programming (not pipes).

Kinda makes all the talk of “if the content is good, people will come” irrelevant, really. If the content is good and people come and no one makes sufficient money to produce more good content it really doesn’t matter."

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