The World as It Goes

And in other Google/Verizon news, perhaps there is an upside to the apparent shift in philosophy on net neutrality by the do-no-evil-ers.  TechCrunch sites some pretty obvious indications that the initial Chrome OS machines will most likely come to us via Verizon.  

TC ends the piece by saying, "But imagine if Verizon offered Chrome OS netbooks at a subsidized price if you bought a Verizon data plan.  That could certainly be a hot-seller.  I'd buy one in a second."  

Yes, I would, too.  My desire for gadgetry not powered by MS or Apple would allow me to get over my somewhat high-mindedness as it pertains to the company's apparent partnership in developing a toll system on the Internet for high rollers.

In my defense, I fall back on Voltaire (who doesn't?).  

In The World as It Goes, the genie Ithuriel asks Babouc to make an accounting of Persepolis as a decision needs to be made by the genii whether or not to destroy the city.  After an in depth visit to the city where Babouc gets to see everything from how and why they make war to the poorest sectors of the city to the ways and motives of the artisans, government and landed gentry.  Though initially frustrated by the dichotomies in goodness and badness, he begins to realize that this combination of "stuff" (my word, not Voltaire's) is what makes the society beautiful.  

Babouc has a statue made of a variety of materials, from the most base to the most valuable and beautiful, and presents it to Ithuriel, saying, "Wilt thou break this pretty statue because it is not wholly composed of gold and diamonds?"  

Ithuriel understand his meaning decides to not destroy Persepolis, instead leaving the world as it goes saying, "For if all is not well, all is passable."

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