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I disagree w/ all the underlying assumptions but am curious to see how it works out

So Rupe will stop publishing (but still be audited) Times Online and Sun Online numbers before the pay wall goes up.

First blush, anything that involves reducing, in News Corp’s words “drive by traffic” or not understanding the upside of “drive by traffic” (just the use of the terminology “drive by traffic”) both from a user experience and monetization perspetive is just wrong and ignorant of how the IP ecosystem – in its current form – works.

Second blush, if there’s something in this industry despised at a level similar to ignorant publishers, it’s measurement companies.  So kudos in having the cojones to stop publishing data that perhaps isn’t terribly accurate anyway – especially if it’s not the basis for your monetization model.

Third blush, I am fascinated to see how this works because, like it or not, it is most definitely an alternative approach in a gigantic glass test tube to change the economics of publishing.  If it works, then the signals sent about people’s willingness to pay for what they want, whether to avoid advertising messages or for some other reason, are extremely interesting and fertile. 

Mainly, that even if the product or service you market isn’t media, you may need to figure out how media creation past advertising (or brochure-ware or lead generation websites and slick social media experiences) becomes a key part of your product or service if the vehicles you once depended on figure out ways to make money without taking yours for featuring your products. 

Actually, reagardless of how Rupe’s experiement pans out, might be a good idea just to go ahead and do this.  Could be some revenue in it for you from a syndication perspective in the current IP ecosystem, and maybe those media companies would need to pay to feature their products within yours… 

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Words Mean Stuff and What We Count and How We Count It

I’ve had it confirmed many times over in my career that words you say don’t tend to mean the same thing to me as they do to you.Similarly, what I count and how I count it probably differs than what you count and how you count it.

These things just are. They’re neither good nor bad.

The bad comes in when we fail to realize they just are.

So the stupid questions – What do you mean when you say that? How did you get that number? – are more valuable than ever as the vocabulary and data we swim in deepens.

More valuable than that is getting to one SOURCE of truth (not necessarily one truth).

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