Spur of the moment riff from Leadscon

Attending Leadscon right now.
The panel of industry leaders talking about what’s in store for lead generation in 2010 can’t seem to stop talking about “scale” as a key factor or input.
And then discussing the benefits of technological advancements to make marketing more effective and increasing quality.
I’m just not sold or just don’t get why “scale” remains so important as the ability to and benefits of understanding more about your audiences increases. Do we really need an ever-expanding, or at least the same proportionate sized, top of the funnel – this is how I’m interpreting “scale” – to make our marketing work harder for us?
Or, put another way, do we really need to shove more people into the top of our marketing funnels so we can help make sure better decisions are made by those same people later? Shouldn’t we help get the right people, at “scale” or not, started in the right direction vs trying to maximize the number at the top so we can get “efficiencies”?
Oh, wait, perhaps scale is needed since the regulatory landscape is “anti-business and pro-consumer” right now. Well, that’s a shame…

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