Don’t Love the Playa, Love the Game

"What are you going to do, then, when Twitter dies?"  

I heard these words at the iMedia Conference earlier this week.  The context really doesn't matter that much – other than to say it wasn't related to marketers shirking responsibility for engaging in or at least monitoring what is being said about them.  Topic for another day.

What I thought was move to another thing that allows me to hang out around the water coolers that I like hanging out around. 

Like this post.  I write it in Gmail to Posterous which then tweets it for me – which I have connected to my LinkedIn and Google Buzz – and posts it to my blog.  That's five different water coolers, only one of which is Twitter.  I'm sure I could find a few more inter-connected paths along the way.  Most notably, I choose to not use Facebook as that is a water cooler I don't tend to hang around much.

It really doesn't matter the platform through which discussions are produced and managed.  What matters is the phenomenon of more conversations being open to more people.  Love the game, not the playa.

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