4 Headlines and a Funeral (?)

If you’re not believing we’re living in an evolving media landscape, take a look at the top four headlines from MediaDailyNews this fine Tuesday morning:
Way back at the end of last year, I made a resolution to be positive in 2009 because I was foreseeing through all of the doom and gloom of the old guard and the snarkiness of the new guard ample opportunity to drive towards the real changes I’ve seen in fits and spurts throughout my career in media.  Substantive, relevant change that wasn’t just driven by ‘testing’ things or developing neat-o technologies and apps that fizzle on follow through, but that was driven by the way people are using and adapting to media technology and marketers and media companies stepping up to fill the need.
So, four headlines like the above warm my heart.
As for the funeral, having sat in some interesting presentations from some forward thinking magazine publishers, I’m not so sure we can be quick to assume their demise is imminent.  I don’t believe that e-readers are their salvation, mind you.  But I do believe, as a marketer, that the equity built into the brands – not into the dead tree media pages they print – can be used in a way to extend their relevance to their loyal users.
Kind of like purveyors of locally relevant stories realizing that, though they may have missed the boat on the computer-based Internet, they should be focusing big plans on mobile devices.
Will either succeed?  Perhaps I’ll prognosticate along those lines in another post.  As for now, I’m just trying to stay true to my resolution.

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