Find-ability + Relevance > Reach + Frequency

Ah, preparing for and being at conferences, such as the iMedia Brand Summit (#imedia for you “twits” out there as Brad Berens from iMedia so eloquently put it today) always make the mind think freely about this industry we are in and all trying to make better. Thus, I’ve actually posted twice in less than a week…and now thrice. As per usual, the idea here isn’t fully baked, but it is an interesting thought w/ which to toy. That thought is this…

Find-ability + Relevance > Reach + Frequency

Note I am not completely sure what Find-ability + Relevance equals just yet (not “engagement”, please, dear Lord, not “engagement”), just that the combo is more valuable than the staid addition for reach and frequency. Here’s what I mean…

It’s a digital world in which we inhabit. As such, it’s a world of 1’s and 0’s that is becoming more and more search-able. And the goal of any search is finding what one wants. Thus, find-ability – the ease w/ which a person seeking something can connect that something w/ your brand – is much more valuable than reach – the percentage of a pre-conceived demographic audience that you think you need to reach.

In order to ensure your brand being found leads to what you ultimately want – sales, perception changes, and whatnot – your brand must be relevant. That means regardless of where, how, when, how often, in what form, etc. your brand shows up, it is always providing a benefit to those who were either seeking the context w/in which your brand is appearing or the application of your brand at the stage in which those people are seeking it allows them to take the next step in their journey. This can occur “frequently” or it could occur once – but the key is that when it does occur, it is seamless and beneficial. It is not done a certain amount of times just for the sake of doing it a certain amount of times (i.e. frequency).

One of my interpretations of (now former) CMO of Travelocity Jeff Glueck’s keynote today (note: this is my interpretation based on the things that have been rolling around in my head that I referenced earlier, he didn’t say or even insinuate the following) is that digital is a key base medium not for it’s measurablity or DR potential, but as the place where relevant experiences begin and are nurtured based on how easily one is found.

Not figure out how you want things to look in the offline world and let that drive the “brand” and then augment w/ online and figure out emerging channels like mobile and apps and stuff once you nail that offline. But realize that their is legitimate, scaled behavior tied to digital media that can be a basis from which all things start – and all that other media can serve the purpose of driving measurable results through these find-able, relevant media.

Fun to think about how you can turn the status quo on it’s head, isn’t it?


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2 responses to “Find-ability + Relevance > Reach + Frequency

  1. I agree with your concept but think there is a stronger proposition – need + solution > find-ability + relevance > reach + frequency.I'm not talking about I need a plumber need – although that's powerful, too. Need can be manifest in a search of news, fashion advice, recipe, baseball stats. 90% of web use is this lean forward approach. Facebook, YouTube and responding to blogs is the 10% where reach + frequency still probably rule.

  2. The idea of being find-able means you will be able to fulfill a need as it arises. The idea of being relevant means as your found, you are providing the solution. IMHO…

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