If Content is King, Access (or LeAnn) Must be Queen

I’ve been wondering lately why I bother paying for content when what I really want is ease of access any way I see fit and, in some cases am willing to pay for if needed, to that content. I want the ends. I don’t want to deal w/ the means the media industry has been historically built on to encumber me in fulfilling my wants and needs. I’d rather pay for access than content – and the more digital and portable, the better.

Isn’t it nice when life provides the context needed to articulate stuff that’s been kicking around in your head? The following dramatization is not entirely real. However, the characters and drama are…

Setting: A typical Wednesday night in the Courtney home in the southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. TV is on. Jerry is catching up on tweets and Facebook status updates in the recliner. LeAnn, his wife, is flipping channels on the couch, waiting for Dirty Sexy Money to start. The Kids, Jackson, 8, and Addison, 2, have recently been put to bed. The Dog, Razzle, is curled up next to LeAnn.

Jerry: Hey, let’s take the kids to go see Madagascar 2.

LeAnn: OK. Jackson has mentioned he’d love to see it, and since Addison was able to make it through Kung Fu Panda so we can take her, too, and save money on a sitter. Check times and ticket prices for Friday…maybe you can come home a bit early.

Jerry, chooses not to comment on his continued disappointment that the family went to see Kung Fu Panda w/o him even though he’d mentioned a number of times his desire to see it, though makes that face his wife can’t stand, checks online: $10 apiece for us, $5 apiece for the kids. If we do a weekend matinee, it’s $5 apiece for all of us.

LeAnn, ponders: And that’s before popcorn and drinks. Why don’t we just wait since it’ll be on demand and DVD in a few months anyway? The kids won’t care, we can just stay home and watch something else on demand that we haven’t seen, or rent something, maybe even a game for the Wii. And, as I know you know, Kung Fu Panda will be out on DVD soon as well – at least that’s what Jackson says he saw on Yahooligans.

Jerry, impressed and bemused, smiling as he looks forward to Jackson getting Kung Fu Panda for Christmas and relatively confident LeAnn remebers he wants Tiger Woods golf for Wii: You should be in my line of work, you know it?

LeAnn, rolling eyes: Great, you’re going to put this on your blog, aren’t you?

Fade to black as Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland discuss how to get a Baldwin elected Senator from NY.

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