CS Monitor folding (wakka wakka) paper edition, going all digital. In case you are unaware, this isn’t a publication for tween and teen girls (no link planted, those books keep folding, one of them did last week or the week before or something, and going all digital because they’re reaching out to those neat-o, digitally acclimated, don’t like paper, dealing w/ POS – and that’s not “point of sale” – “millenials” – OMG!).

FYI, I didn’t read the article and don’t intend to because I read Jarvis’ post on this yesterday. I’m assuming somewhere in the MediaPost piece is some sort of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, either directly or from reading b/t the lines about the demise of “traditional” media and the inability to “monetize” it etc. that ticks me off and makes you feel like hail and brimstone are about to reign forth and destroy Sodom – and Gomorrah, for that matter.

Look, maybe CS succeeds, maybe it doesn’t. But this is for sure – they’re not going down in some Revelational ring of fire beholden to their past, offering Lamentations about how they can’t do this or can’t do that. Whether it’s faith in the good Lord or in the media habits of their readership, they’re seeing some sort of prophecy and they’re committed to following it.

BTW, if you read the MediaPost piece and my assumption is incorrect, I’d love to know that so I can be redeemed. I may actually start reading MediaPost again vs. just scanning the headlines to see if anything worthwhile is in their besides curmudgeonly media exec laments, media special interests/bureaus imploring all to believe the sky is not falling on “their” medium, and agency execs continually rationalizing their existence. Seems like there are a lot of folks lost in the desert needing some guidance to the Promised Land.

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