Headlines I’m Tired of Seeing

Media not naturally based in screens not figuring out how to monetize themselves in a media world being filled up w/ screens.

Especially when any and all research about media usage (intentionally didn’t plant a link because it is ubiquitous, outside of various medium-specific bureaus trying to spin it) is showing that people are more apt to use screens than not.

Please, show me some really high indexes for non-screen media (I triple dog dare you) and I’ll show you an upcoming generation of people w/ expanding buying power (and it’s not just Mom and Dad’s money anymore since Mom and Dad are taking a bath in this little financial market meltdown) who don’t know about life w/o connected/inter-connected screens.

Personally, I think having the (anecdotally – I have no hard facts on this) most popular show among media, advertising, marketing people be about glorifying media, advertsing, marketing people from 40 odd years ago is perhaps holding us back. I prefer Larry Tate, thanks. Anyway…

God, this crap wears me out. I will continue to paraphrase Gandhi – ignore, laugh, fight, win. Non-screen media industry, please stop fighting and realize your future is contained on and w/in the soft glow of electric sex (no, not the leg lamp from A Christmas Story) or just do one, last, big banzai charge and be done w/ it.

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