The beer that made Milwaukee famous

It’s my blog and I’ll be a focus group of one if I wanna…

Personal proof that (a) advertising works and (b) media mix doesn’t matter:

At some point last week, I saw an advertisement, can’t remember in what medium, from Schlitz showing pics of middle class men from the 60s/70s that simply stated, “Your father was not a metrosexual.” Damn straight. Now he did drink Coors yellow bellies and Old Milwaukee, but, regardless, the man most definitively was not, and still isn’t and never will be, a metrosexual. And, frankly, I greatly admire the man and would personally prefer to not be referenced as such when it comes to selecting by beer.

Also at some point last week, I went down to my basement to grab a beer and it turned out to be my last. So at the subsequent liquor store trip on Saturday, guess what popped into my head as I turned up my nose at beer w/ lemonade in it, malt liquors w/ fruit flavors, and $10 six packs? That’s right: My father, and me, ain’t no damn metrosexual. Get me a case of Schlitz (and a six of Leinie’s Octoberfest and Shiner Bock – Yes! I can get it in MN!)!

Did I need a glitzy multi-media experience? Did I need to be “engaged” by Schlitz? Did I even need to remember if I saw the ad in print, online, TV or a billboard?

BTW, I could do a similar posting for Miller High Life.


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2 responses to “The beer that made Milwaukee famous

  1. So you’re telling me that you, a successful man with the means to buy whatever beer he wants, actually purchased Shlitz to drink in the comfort of your own home?

  2. Not only in the comfort of my own home, but when I’m at the grill in the backyard for all the neighbors to see. Schlitz goes really well w/ a greasy wife beater, bermuda shorts, socks and house slippers. Again, not a metrosexual…

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