Cartoon of the Day w/o the Cartoon

I was reading the 9.22 New Yorker on the bus last night. On the last page of the Sarah Palin article is a cartoon of a man and a woman watching TV. The woman is saying to the man, “How do you want your news – preaching to the choir or love-to-hate?”

Amusing to me as I’m the one usually saying something similar to my wife. Amusing in general because I believe I’ve mentioned the sad state of affairs when it comes to news in today’s media landscape – there’s an angle for every angle out there and at times its hard to tell who’s angling whom. At other times its obvious pandering. Regardless, makes me stick w/ NPR and PBS more and more (and often I wonder about those).

Not amusing is the difficulty in finding the cartoon to post here for you to see. Yeah, I’m sure I could figure it out, but when you search on the artist’s name and the full caption and get nothing, makes you wonder why CondeNast doesn’t just stick to stuff printed on paper (w/ perhaps the exception of Wired).

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