Random Media Riffs on the Political Season

As I mentioned before, I am a hopeless independent when it comes to politics. So the following is coming from a place of love for my country and an agnostic POV when it comes to fat ass elephants and asses in general.

Anyone who has watched the RNC feel like it is at best muted? Not sure if due to Gustav that the number of attendees is really low or if the Republicans have asked all media outlets to cover a 20,000 seat arena that I have personal experience w/ really rocking like it’s a high school gym. Didn’t notice any broad, panning shots to set up the largeness of the proceedings as was done in the Pepsi Center. It just seems overly dim and really quiet. Won’t get into the staged drama that was Invesco Field for comparison, outside of saying it was a masterful use and delivery of media manipulation.

As was the use of this same Excel Energy Center in St. Paul for Obama to announce he was the de facto nominee. So having watched that speech and how the arena was set up for that and the effect delivered from it only makes me further wonder what gives w/ how the media is covering the RNC in the same arena. Have to assume it’s by request from the Republicans. Maybe it makes it feel more like a VFW or American Legion hall and that’s what they’re going for and to whom they are appealing? Or a “vast left wing conspiracy”?

I have only found foreign media, especially The Guardian, covering what I find much more interesting w/ regards to the Alaskan Governor than vindictive firings of public officials and pregnant teenage daughters. It appears she was part of an Alaskan political party that seeks to secede from the union. I think NPR gave this coverage in passing, but nothing very deep at all. Being an independent, I’m much more interested in understanding how much someone who is the proverbial one heartbeat away from being prez loves the country their state is a part of more than their state itself. I think we saw from ’92-’00 that personal and familial discretions don’t mean you can’t effectively lead the country.

In Denver, did I miss stories about overly rowdy and often times violent Repbulican protesters beign dispersed w/ tear gas, throwing foreign substances on convention delegates, and 300 some odd arrests? I used to have chats w/ a few of my “Texas Democrat” (talk about a rare breed…Keep Austin Weird, I guess 🙂 friends about how the Dems can often times, actually most times, be their own worst enemies. I’d love to see BO come out w/ a statement condemning the actions of these violent protesters and reinforce change on a different level. Has he? If so, I haven’t seen it on his dozen or more Twitter posts per day.

Also as an indy I have to say the past couple days of RNC makes me feel like they are doing as they usually do, trying to exacerbate the differences in American society to win votes vs. trying to reach out to unify. That bums me out.

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One response to “Random Media Riffs on the Political Season

  1. Amen, brotha. Couldn’t agree with you more. Just wish the dems had some balls.

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