Feeling a bit cantankerous today, I think I’ll take it out on the music industry

Could be because small breakaway provinces and mutual protection agreements involving Poland tend to lead to world wars, could be because my puppy’s been sick lately, could be the inaneness of the Bears’ “quarterback controversy” has been decided – w/o having a real quarterback.

Regardless, more to the point of the blog, a few things in the media world that are pissing me off right now…

The RIAA took my baby away – Messing w/ Pandora, a truly innovative platform that helps people more fully enjoy music based on the DNA of their preferences is assinine. Of course, this makes sense in light of the fact Pandora is all about discovery, where as the RIAA protects the two dozen artists – and their extended entourages – you can here over the standard airwaves today. Eff the radio anyway; what more does a band or artist need beside YouTube and a nice social media experience. To wit…

Swift Move – Hidden in the fluff of the USAT Life section was this piece about Taylor Swift, who’s new album isn’t coming out for a few months, yet fans are posting videos of themselves singing the song. How did this occur? Because Swift did a segment with a radio station (oh, the irony per the above Pandora rant) awhile back performing the demo of the song. From the article: “Somebody stripped the audio and put it on the Internet,” says Swift, 18. Her management wasn’t thrilled: “I wasn’t allowed to play new music for people after that.” Well, I could see how her management wouldn’t want her upcoming album to have fans literally singing it’s praises before it comes out. Wouldn’t want it to go straight to the top of the charts or anything.

Pasties – Some months, that’s all my fav music magazine, Paste, is good for. This is one of those months. A new look at “International Music”. Wow. So music is international? There are musicians in Africa basing their work on tribal sounds? Experimental noise coming from Scandanavia and Iceland? New wave/punk synthesis coming from England? Regga/ska influenced bands in Brazil? Who knew?

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