Prove It

“Prove it. Just the facts. The confidential.
This case, this case, this case that I’ve been workin‘ on so long…
It’s too “too too” to put a finger on
This case is closed”

Television, Prove It

The following is separate but related

Think about this – as more people are using more media in a social/pull context vs. passive/push context, subjective opinion as a means to and important input into decision making among that vast rabble we fondly refer to as our audience, our customers, our guests is becoming much more prevalent. People are becoming more damned unpredictable as they become more empowered to talk to one other more freely.

At this same moment in time we are more and more challenged to produce and prove objective, sustainable, predictable results. And, by God, we’ve got the tools to measure exposure to advertising to a consumers next visit to the john and extrapolate w/ statistical confidence when it will happen again. And we’ve got more and more number crunchers with more and more computing power crunching away.

Juxtapose that linear number crunching x leads to y which produces z thinking w/ the prevalent thought that our precious “funnel” looks more like an infinity sign. Awareness to purchase, regardless of category of purchase, can take 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 years due to either the speed at which a person can now find exactly what they want or the motivation of the person to dig for as much information as possible – from the portion of a paper product that is made from recyclable material to the intricacies of battery power vs. combustible engine power on a car – because it’s now available and find-able.

Hmmm, this line of thinking could take me in a few different directions. I’ll leave it open for now and perhaps will pick it up later. Feel free to pick up the thread as you see fit.

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