Words mean stuff, think before you use them

A couple of posts from Chris Anderson regarding words – 13 that aren’t really relevant anymore (I’ll rain on your parade now – none of them are George Carlin’s) and why Blank Economy doesn’t make sense in terms of economics.

I find it fascinating that, in spite of the fact that we work in a business that lives and dies by the ability of words to sell stuff and/or change perceptions – either to our end customers or to people we are wanting to sell our ideas to -a lot of the words I hear and see in my day-to-day work are hollow. Buzz words or over-used phrases that are easy to get approval of or facts/figures that if you scratch the surface on don’t hold up.

Something I’ve found useful is to go ahead and ask the questions you know the answers to. Makes people pause a bit and think before they use words.

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