Tweeting to the White House

Random and not deep thoughts on the election and one new media application…

I’m a hopeless independent when it comes to politics. My favorite gift of late from my lovely wife was a “Perot ’08” t-shirt (yeah, I voted for him twice).

I’ve been using Twitter a lot lately as I used to use IM bots – for relevant news headlines. So I added Obama and McCain Twitter feeds via a site called (being an independent, I’d rather have a 3rd party filter – I’m well aware Obama’s campaign is using Twitter directly). My humble, non-scientific assessment has me favoring Obama when it comes to effective use of new media.

One of those other Twitter feeds I have and check religiously is NPR. Every time NPR has a relevant national issue or campaign related headline – tends to be up to a dozen times a day – Obama’s polfeed is there in response usually within a couple minutes, outlining his POV on the issue. That’s in addition to a very effective use of “man on the street” perspectives from his supporters, usually a couple a day.

McCain, on the other hand, goes silent for long periods of times and most times is slinging mud and spewing the standard conservative epitaphs (I thought he was the “original maverick”…anyway) when he does choose to tweet.


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3 responses to “Tweeting to the White House

  1. So let’s connect this post to the other one you just wrote about online advertising coming alive while the “old” people were still using rulers and calculators. John McCain admits he doesn’t know how to use a computer. The dude can’t even check his own email. So the state of politics runs parallel to the the state of advertising in this sense. It’s no wonder Obama has spawned an entirely new generation of political activism. People are sick of using calculators and rulers.

  2. You know, at some point in your career you must’ve worked for someone who was really smart. Nice connection.BTW, in looking at McCain’s tweets today, they are by and large attempted rebuttals to things Obama posted yesterday. Perhaps he should drill here, drill now into being a bit more timely in setting issues.Also on this whole media and presidential candidates topic, and to maintain my fair-and-balanced independence, BO may be rocking the new media, but so did Howard (A Scream in the Iowa Wilderness) Dean. All it got him was the head of the DNC. And, BO has some broader image issues when it comes to dealing w/ the media – I still find it intriguing that the first AA prez candidate is classified as elitist, arrogant and aloof.PS – Fav Perot quote (in talking about then candidate Clinton in ’92): If you give a horse peanut butter, it looks like he’s talkin’.

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