Oh, and media mix, too

Yeah, same VSS report as mentioned right before also points out broadcast has finally overtaken newspaper as the #1 advertising platform and the Internet will unceremoniously unseat broadcat in 3 years or so. Ramifications for media mix, the media industry, people who print stuff on paper and send things over air waves. Blah blah blah. Didn’t plant a link, go find it yourself if you care or haven’t.

To this I say, who cares? All media is becoming digital. People are spending more time w/ media delivered digitally and becoming more efficient in their media usage while doing so.

Pretty soon (sooner rather than later I hope) media mix becomes pretty much moot. Find-ability should become the key aspect of “media”, and functionality should become the key aspect of “creative”, in a digital world. Whether its sight, sound and motion OR sight, sound or motion.

Again, medium, message, etc. etc.

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