Efficient Time Spent w/ Media replacing Media Multi-Tasking?

Do we have the death of another industry buzzword? Headlines from the new release of VSS Communications Industry Forecast (the 22nd annual) don’t mention multi-tasking or the fact that time spent w/ media is flat but fragmented.

It does, however, mention that though overall time spent w/ media is down ever so slightly (at this point), time spent w/ digital/new media is up. And, what’s more, they expect a continued downward trend in overall time spent w/ media because increased use of digital media is making people more efficient in getting at what they want and need.

So if the expectations of new/digital media is increased efficiency (i.e. people spend more time w/ digital/new media so, overall, they can spend less time w/ media in general), what does this mean for pretty, flashy, brand-y creative things vs. functional, time-saving, aligned-w/-content-behavior-and-context creative things?

Medium, message, etc, etc…


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4 responses to “Efficient Time Spent w/ Media replacing Media Multi-Tasking?

  1. I can see how that trend could be true from a general perspective, but it is dependent on the audience. I would argue that the younger generation- the one who owns a bunch of portable things with apples on them- is connected even more due to the growth of technology. I would not have been twittering from the Manchester, NH airport yesterday if it wasn’t for my iPhone. At the same time, there are implications for the pretty, flashy, brand-y creative things with this audience as well, because while overall media consumption may not change, the touch points and methods of engagement have changed quite dramatically. When I’m watching “The Hills” on TV, surfing the interwebs on my laptop, and playing around with my iPhone apps all at the same time, I don’t have time for that crap. That is where social media, product integration, and creative messaging come into play…

  2. News for you, buddy – twitter’s mobile platform works on other devices besides iPhone’s and other twitter apps exist for things that aren’t iPhone’s so pls don’t give uncle steve and gang so much credit (esp in light of what i’ve heard about a number of iPhone malfunctions at Lolla this past wknd).But that’s beside the point. I agree w/ what you’re saying, and I think you’re agreeing w/ what I’m saying. I’d venture to say you young folk probably have even higher expectations when it comes to efficient media usage. No? Or are you saying a marketer effectively using social media, product integration and relevant message can distract you from your efficiency?

  3. Ha! I was thinking about putting a caveat in there acknowledging the ability to Twitter and do other fun things from similar devices. We’re on the exact same page. Marketers have to use things like social media, product integration, and relevant/creative messaging to get attention of the younger crowd. Because if you take to long to “set them up”, they’re gone before you know it.

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