Old Dogs Continuing to Learn New Tricks?

NBCU is offering what amounts to a quasi ecommerce/social shopping mash up.

Let’s immediately move past the fact that it looks like the Internet circa 1995 as our friends at MediaPost so astutely note. That’s not the point (it could be the downfall of the whole thing, but it’s not the point. Let’s look at this strategically, not tactically).

There has been much discussion about “the store becoming media” with space on digital displays in major retailers being sold, not to mention ad space on retailer websites.

But not since the premature launch of iTV and the thought that you could (gasp!) buy that sweater Rachel was wearing when she broke up with Ross for the 273rd time has there really been a legitimate “the media becoming store” thing.

(As it turned out, though a nifty idea, the infrastructure of commerce from TV wasn’t quite ready…come the digital TV flip of ’09, that’ll not really be the case. More to come on that at some point later, I’m sure.)

What’s more, a media vendor who has built their everything on supporting brand advertisers is talking about the potential for making money off of lead generation (again, whether they can truly carve a place for themselves there remains to be seen, but strategically an interesting move).

As I said previously, it’s not commoditization vs. value proposition of a medium. It’s understanding the role you want the medium to play, the medium being able to deliver on the role, and executing accordingly.

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