Quote(s) of the Day – Fact vs. Gut

Have been thinking quite a bit lately about the ever increasing analytics involved with marketing. The following quotes are from Merlin Donald, a psychologist who writes extensively (A Mind So Rare, Origins of the Modern Mind) on how human consciousness and the mind develops its powers, then changes and evolves.

Yeah, just a little light reading, but I hope you find the quotes as thought-provoking as I did when considering fact-based decision making vs. gut-based decision making – and the subsequent proof needed in supporting whether something accomplished it’s objective.

“The first step in any new era of theory development is always anti mythic. Things and events must be stripped of their mythic significances before they can be subjected to…objective theoretic analysis. In fact, the meaning of ‘objectivity’ is precisely this: a process of demythilogization.”

“The switch from a predominantly narrative mode of thought to a predominantly analytic or theoretic mode apparently requires a wrenching cultural transformation.”

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