I did not have personally identafiable information on that woman, Senator

Targeted advertising has now been compared to non-approved wire tapping by a couple of Senators.

The type of targeting referenced is not the real life version of 1984 or Minority Report. It is targeting done based on a model that aggregates behaviors then serves advertising that is relevant based on the aggregated behavior. It does not use PII – Personally Identifiable Information – unless it is openly and freely shared by someone who grants it’s use for such purposes. The intent is to make sure people in need of Pampers aren’t having to see ads for Depends. It provides a greater good, a better experience, no one is harmed, and no information is used against the people seeing the more relevant ads.

Regardless of which side of the aisle you lean, to compare it to breaking FISA legislation seems a bit extreme. It also makes the future of advertising a bit worrisome. If the legislative powers that be are making these kinds of statements, are we staring down an age of non-targeted, shotgun advertising at a point in time when the technology is in place to be more relevant than ever? Scary.

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