I’m over this, too

OH, NO! SAG might strike now! The horrors! That whole writers strike diversion really did in the media industry, didn’t it? Joe and Jane Public wringed their hands in agony about the dearth of new “scripted” programming whilst watching American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The Hills, not to mention catching up on months of missed viewing of “scripted” programming via Tivos, DVRs and the Internet. Or just spending more time w/ their laptops, gaming consoles and other neat-o electronic devices instead (hopefully their families, too). Oh, yeah, that’s right, that whole strike thingy was about not being paid fairly for distribution via “other” means.

Some of you are now mentally pointing out this will affect that ever popular TV commercial, too. Joe and Jane Public stopped wringing their hands long enough to zip through those, check their email/IM/ social network of choice when they came on, or were more old school and just headed to the kitchen or bathroom instead.

I’ve already posted about the fact that means of distribution are ch-ch-ch-changing and the former arbiters of things that all think good on TV, radio and movie screens are losing their grip. So, add this to the list of things I’m over – apparently my vitriol was not sufficiently relieved. I’m hoping the day progresses with no more incidents.

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