3 Things I’m Over

  1. TV is as strong as ever – Yeah, so people still have the TV turned on a lot, but what AREN’T they doing while it’s turned on? And what AREN’T they watching when they are engaged with its programming? The “strength” or “effectiveness” of media individually becomes less meaningful, what medium is the “base” vs. “complimentary” becomes less meaningful, which leads me to…
  2. Media Mix – Why is it that in the face of increasing research showing the extreme proliferation of “media multi-tasking” there are still long, drawn out discussions about the “right” media mix? More and more, the holy trinity of advertising – sight, sound, motion – can be delivered easily and much more cheaply (how’s free media strike ya?) via things that aren’t in the container of television. Especially in light of the digitization of most media delivery, which leads me to…
  3. Emerging Media – I was over this one a looooong time ago. Yes, stuff emerges, but emergence is not a long term situation. But the last true media to “emerge” was the Internet. Since it’s emergence, the infrastructure on which it’s built (dial up to high speed to fiber optics) and the software and applications that can manipulate it has improved vastly (video to widgets to all things open source). Pretty much anything else that has been labeled an “emerging medium” is simply a bolt on top of the Internet of some sort or a piece of hardware or software that allows for manipulation of existing media or straight up creation of media. The ways and means of the Internet has improved so vastly that most media will come into your home digitally via one line and you will care very little about what screen you’re viewing it on, whether you’re “online”, or if you’re viewing something live or “time-shifted”.

OK, that release of acid has me a bit more comfortable now. Thanks for playing.

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