Old Dogs Learning New Tricks?

I was going to have this post simply be a link to the A-Rod/A-Rod’s wife/Madonna/Lenny Kravitz story and just ask if anyone really cares or maybe comment that I now agree w/ the thought that digital media is leading us to be stoopid. However, when I Googled “a rod and madonna” I noticed something more interesting. Sun-Sentinel.com – aka the website for the Orlando Sun-Sentinenl – is running a sponsored link tied directly to this story.
I decided to test a bit further in the celebutainment area of journalism. No paid links for Christy Brinkley and Peter Cook or Angelina Jolie’s twins. Nuts. When looking at news of a bit more substantial nature, Time.com is buying Barack Obama related terms, but no one is touching the current president or the presumptive republican candidate for his office. Interesting.
All this to say that pure play editorial products have always paid for traffic. We in the media space should always make sure we understand how a website has built and maintains it’s traffic. However, I am encouraged to see that those tied to products made of paper are starting to catch on as well.
I am cyncial by nature, but now two Florida newspapers – The Tampa Tribune and The Sun-Sentinel – are giving me hope that we are getting to a place where media mix becomes irrelevant and the old guys start playing by the new rules. Let’s hope they’re not just crazy from the heat.

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