Newspapers emerging into digital reality?

I was very encouraged to read this story about the editor in chief of the Tampa Tribune, Janet Coats, announcing to a full newsroom that she was about to embark on a brand new business model for the paper. “Hyper local” is the catch phrase. And the online sibling to the printed paper is no longer just along for the ride, but driving the new model. It’s a realization that in an age where news is EXTREMELY perishable, the best way to be timely is to not wait for things to roll off a press or for “film at 11”.

Most of all, in spite of the post just previous to this one, she says the reorg and accompanying layoffs aren’t about profit margin. It seems Janet and the powers that be at the Tampa Tribune are coming to realize, as has always been the case, there are few experts when it comes to local more local than those at the “newspaper” or whatever term will come along to displace that notion of a thing printed on paper that focused on stories relevant to the immediate area.

Also encouraging and hopefully a preview of things to come, the whole thing was broken by an intern at the paper on her blog. Perhaps the kids are alright and we’re not about to be overtaken by The Dumbest Generation

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