Newspapers report Internet good, Internet bad

As the NAA touts newspaper’s effectiveness at driving cross-media behavior, the LA Times announced 250 layoffs. The editor points out that though this cyberweb has allowed them to grow their audience, it’s that same thingy that has caused said layoffs.

Just a thought here – perhaps some of those 250 people would be happy to keep their jobs to figure out how to monetize this new-fangled Internet thingamajig where you claim your audience is now.

If you’re feeling like you’ve heard this story before, you have. You Minnesotans will recall CBS used similar logic when announcing they were letting 100 people go, including Paul Douglas at WCCO here in the Twin Cities and other big names at their owned and operated stations. Ironically, I seem to recall that Douglas made a large chunk of change selling weather technology to one of the GPS providers before losing his job. Apparently, he figured out how to make money in this brave, new, digital world. Oh, and he still has his weather column at the Mpls Star-Tribune…maybe he could string for the LA Times.

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